Minneami Mission Statement:

The mission of Minneami Salsa is to : 1.) Develop and maintain a highly skilled technically correct Rueda performance team. The team will spread the joy of Rueda by performing whenever  possible.  2.)  Teach Rueda to any POLITE interested person in a friendly environment. 3.)  Have Awesome Salsa/Rueda pot-luck parties once a month.

Rules Of Calling a Rueda:

The caller’s goals should be:    

1.  To provide the most enjoyable experience possible to all participants of the Rueda.

2.  To make calls in a clear manner so all the participants understand.

3.  To recognize the skill level of the Rueda and select only the appropriate calls/patterns for that particular group.                                                                                             

In order to achieve these goals it is recommended that the caller should: 

A.  Make calls referencing the least experienced member of the Rueda. 

B.  Execute basics and foot work in such a manner as to make staying on the beat as easy as possible to all participants of the Rueda. 

C.  Make the call using both voice and hand signals whenever possible.

Rules of Calling:

    The caller must realize that there are basically two types of patterns danced in Cuban style (Casino) Rueda.   Those that start with a TAP and those that start with a BACK-ROCK.  THE CALL SHOULD BE MADE AT THE START OF THE 1/2 BASIC PRIOR TO THE START OF THE PATTERN.  For example, the call for enchufe should be made as the Rueda dancers are stepping forward if they were in guapea.  The call for vacilala should be made as the rueda dancers are stepping back if they were in the guapea.  While not necessary, it is desirable to give a heads up (OYE!) call 1/2 basic prior to calling a particular pattern.  Such a call helps to increase the odds that the rueda pattern will be successfully completed by all participants.                                                            


Dance/Rueda Etiquette:

 1.   Do not eat huge amounts of beans prior to coming to the dance.

2.   Do not swear really loud if you goof up.

3.    DO use breath mints.

4.    Do not break the follower’s hand by squeezing too hard.

5.  Do not actually kiss the follower on ”Besito” unless you have made a prior arrangement

6.   Do not send your “ Ping Pong “ butt partner flying across the room.

7   Do make eye contact with your Rueda partner.

8.  Do smile and laugh as much as possible.

9. Do not embarrass or humiliate your fellow Rueda dancer with criticism. Use diplomacy, timing and tact when making “suggestions.”

10.  Do use deodorant  ( liberally ).

11.  Only the instructor should give instructions during a class. Unless you are specifically asked by the instructor to offer assistance,  DON'T!