Hundreds of thousands of people have learned these patterns by this method all over the world!

Minneami has  most of these patterns explained in this website so you can review them and come to class prepared!

How to Learn Rueda:

!. Come to Duende Studio and start with Beg. 1 Class

2. When you know Beg 1 patterns, ( this may take repeating the class as necessary ) pass into Beg. 2

3, (  Note: All the people in Beg. 2 class know the Beg.1 patterns. ) Take the Beg. 2 class UNTIL you know the Beg. 2 patterns.  ( again, the class may need to be repeated as necessary ) When you know the Beg.2 patterns, pass into Beg 3. 

4. (  Note: People in Beg 3 class know the Beg 1 and 2 patterns.

5 Repeat this process until you reach the desired level you wish to attain or advance all the way to Master's level!