Our Minneami Salsa Champion Rueda Performance Team,  3 Time Winner of the TCO International Team Competition.

Jim and Carol are the founders of Minneami Salsa. They are listed as principal choreographers of Casino Rueda Salsa in Wikipedia!

In December of 1997, we (Carol Tonkin and Jim Schuchman) saw Rueda danced for the first time by Henry Herrera and his friends on a cruise ship off the coast of Miami. We were mesmerized and hooked. We spent many winters studying with Henry. Additionally, we  attended some of Miami's top Salsa schools.  We were proud to attain a masters level ranking, but, residing in Minnesota most of the time, we were frustrated.  Nobody did Rueda in Minnesota!  Then it occurred to us; why not bring the Miami experience to Minnesota?  We decided to go for it! We called our group Minneami - bringing the Miami experience to Minnesota. Since 1999 we have had a blast sharing Rueda at various Twin Cities studios, clubs and venues.  For the past several years we have offered free classes. The advanced members of our group have developed into an award winning championship performance team. We also give exhibitions and sponsor parties. Rueda is our passion!