Since 2010 Minneami was known as the “ Salsa Public Option “ offering free Rueda classes first at the “ Tillie’s Bean Coffee shop and then at the Plymouth Congregational Church. We wanted to offer the Miami Salsa experience to Minnesotans. ( Hence the name, “ Minneami. “ ) Unfortunately, it took many volunteers working as a team to make that happen and it became non sustainable. So for now Minneami is not offering the free classes.  However, the free Rueda classes are still offered on Thursdays at the Church by the group known on FB as, “ Vivir mi vida. “ Currently Minneami offers free pot luck Rueda parties, private lessons and maintains a performance team which practices regularly. We also offer a  free video training program of the entire Rueda syllabus on this website. We at Minneami are trying to organize structured Rueda classes again so please check this website every so often for updates!

Next Party: 

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

Jim's Party Room 3781 Towndale Drive, Bloomington. Pot Luck! 6:00

to 10PM

In December of 2014, Minneami received the prestigious, "Twin Cities Pioneer Salsa Award" in recognition of our efforts to make the world a better a place by spreading joy of Rueda Dancing!!




We are an award winning Salsa Rueda dance group based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota!  We love  dancing CASINO RUEDA SALSA!  We love to perform, teach and practice! Contact us to learn how!  

Rueda is a super-fun, upbeat and high energy group salsa dance!  But, it's patterns can be danced by individual couples as well!  In the Rueda, (  Rueda means wheel in Spanish ) participants perform a variety of fabulous patterns in harmonious synchronization. These patterns are explained and can be viewed on this website for free!