Next Party: June 3rd, 2017 Jim's Party Room 3781 Towndale Drive, Bloomington. Pot Luck! 6 to 10PM

In December of 2014, Minneami received the prestigious, "Twin Cities Pioneer Salsa Award" in recognition of our efforts to make the world a better a place by spreading joy of Rueda Dancing!!




We are an award winning Salsa Rueda dance group based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota!  We love  dancing CASINO RUEDA SALSA!  We love to perform  

Rueda is a super-fun, upbeat and high energy group salsa dance!  But, it's patterns can be danced by individual couples as well!  In the Rueda, (  Rueda means wheel in Spanish ) participants perform a variety of fabulous patterns in harmonious synchronization. These patterns are explained and can be viewed on this website for free!